Brenda Orr

Health & Wellness

Brenda Orr has over 20 years experience with natural healing alternatives. While homeschooling her two children, she earned her Naturopathic Doctor degree in 2004. She is also a certified Yoga Instructor and a certified Aromatherapist.

Brenda was brought to naturopathic medicine after many years of supporting family members with AIDS, heart disease and cancer. Determined to overcome the standard medical treatments recommended for her husband who was facing throat cancer, she designed a holistic naturopathic treatment plan, utilizing meditation, food as medicine, herbal remedies, and supplements. Together, they were able to halt the cancer scare and eliminated all pharmaceutical meds, thus avoiding detrimental side effects.

Her passion is working with and for those facing cancer and women challenged with symptoms of menopause. She brings her experience, passion, humor and curiosity to her clients in a fun, easy, and protocol-based format.