Althea Lawton-Thompson

Living Life Limitlessly Creator

Althea Lawton-Thompson, the creator of Living Life Limitlessly™, has always danced to the beat of a different drum. A business school grad and former corporate executive, Althea dropped off the traditional path of life in 1995 to follow her many and varied passions.

“The question ‘What do you do?’ is so challenging for me. I do what I love, what excites me, and what touches others in a positive way. I’ve literally tapped into the unlimited potential the universe offers to explore everything I’m passionate about. And that is the essence of living life limitlessly!” – Althea Lawton-Thompson

Althea has created and coordinated programs for Johns Hopkins Hospital, Sinai Hospital, and Kaiser Permanente. She has led group retreats to Puerto Rico, the Grand Canyon, and the Georgia Mountains. Her fiction novel, Losing Control, is a book club favorite with top ratings from Amazon and Writers Digest. Her wellness videos are an international sensation that spurred a long-running cable tv show, NPR radio show, and Althea’s role as the fitness reporter for an NBC news affiliate. She has been included in magazines including Oxygen, Essence, Best Body, and Upscale and graced the cover of a regional magazine. Her company – Aerobics, Yoga & More – has provided health education for companies including Verizon, At&t, United Way, Heidelberg USA, Oglethorpe Power and several government agencies. An avid nature adventurer, she has backpacked in the wilderness along the Canadian border, scuba dived off the coast of Maui, and climbed a dormant volcano in Kenya. She is boundless, colorful, creative and absolutely free in all she does and endeavors to do.

A wife of twenty-one years and mother of two, Althea has found the magic balancing act of family, career, and passion.