Who We Are

Althea Lawton-Thompson, the creator of Living Life Limitlessly™, has always danced to the beat of a different drum. A business school grad and former corporate executive, Althea dropped off the traditional career path in 1995 to follow her many and varied passions. Some of her ventures failed and others succeeded, all teaching her fantastic life lessons that she shares with clients and audiences throughout the country.

Althea has been coordinating and hosting events throughout the US, Caribbean and Africa since 2010, but when the concept for the Manifestation Conference came to her in a vision in 2016, she immediately began developing the type of event she would want to attend… 

  • Workshops with usable content that don’t overwhelm or frustrate.
  • Knowledgeable, real-life presenters who walk the talk.
  • Breaks between workshops to think and digest the information.
  • An all-inclusive registration option.
  • Interactive, engaging sessions where participants are truly involved.
  • Fun, social activities and non-traditional sessions.

This one-day interactive conference includes breakout sessions on personal branding, starting a business, health & wellness, personal finance management, and managing relationships.

The 2017 Living Life Limitlessly Manifestation Conference can help you live life more joyfully, freely, and abundantly… now.

what we do



Althea's Living Life Limitlessly events have been held in locations including South Africa, Puerto Rico, the Grand Canyon, and the Georgia Mountains. We explore the world.


At Living Life Limitlessly events, we connect... with each other, with nature, and with all facets of ourselves. We expand who we are.


From outdoor Yoga to nighttime kayaking, from meditative silence sessions to rainforest ziplining, Living Life Limitlessly events expand your experiences beyond the typical retreat.
Endless Possibilities

Living Life Limitlessly™

Dream. Believe. Be Free. Do It. Laugh. Stop Trying. Jump. Live Courageously. Go!